We put together a list of Frequently Asked Home Watch Questions for our visitors. These questions are designed to help you ensure that Premier Home Watch & Concierge is reliable, trustworthy, and capable of meeting your specific needs. Some of these questions may require further qualification so please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Home Watch Questions for Premier Home Watch & Concierge

Our Frequently Asked Home Watch Questions

What is Home Watch?

Home Watch service performs scheduled inspections of unoccupied or vacant properties while the owner is away. The National Home Watch Association (NHWA) describes Home Watch as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Why is Home Watch needed?

There are many issues that can negatively impact your home when it is unoccupied. This includes break-ins, vandalism, A/C problems, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, mold, unsolicited flyers build up in mailbox or porch and storms. Home Watch is a professional and reliable way of checking on your house to ensure everything is operating normally. It is a recommended service to obtain peace of mind with your home while away. It is more reliable than using a trusted neighbor or relative nearby. Having a professional acting on your behalf is better option and more effective option that can save you money when issues arise.

Is Premier Home Watch & Concierge Insured?

Yes, Premier Home Watch & Concierge is insured, general and professional, and Bonded.

Why should I use Premier Home Watch & Concierge vs other companies?
  • We are Accredited by National Home Watch Association of America
  • We are Bonded and Insured
  • We are Certified Home Watch Professionals from the National Home Watch Association (# 10210209)
  • Experience with luxury residential construction projects
  • Experience pool construction & maintenance
  • Experience with computers and networks
  • Experience travel agents (IATA – International Association of Travel Agents)
  • Proven experienced risk managers
  • Highly experienced project managers
  • Experienced leadership and team builders
  • Professional office, organization, methods, and procedures
  • Real-time digital client reporting
  • Online client portal
  • Bilingual service (English and Spanish)
What is your service area?

We exclusively serve the Lakewood Ranch Florida area. We take pride in offering comprehensive home watch services to ensure the security and well-being of your property in the vibrant communities of Lakewood Ranch, Florida.   See More

Who will be performing the home visits?

Our staff performing the home visits are Certified Home Watch Professionals designated by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). They have attended formal training in best practices for the industry and have passed a final examination to become certified.

What is included in the home visit report?
The report is the summary of a home visit which includes a detailed report by area. It will list any observations and will make recommendations as needed. It will also include pictures of various areas of the house, external and internal. The GPS location of where the report is being filed is also available so that you can see we were at your property. The temperature and humidity inside the house will always be included.
How will I receive the home visit reports?

The visit report will be filed digitally and is emailed to you immediately after completion of the home visit. The report can also be found on the online client portal to be viewed or downloaded.

Is a contract needed for service?
Yes, we require a one-year agreement that is automatically renewed. You can cancel at any time without penalties we just require that you provide us with three (3) weeks’ notice. The agreement is essential so that we can plan our visits and resources appropriately.
What is the cost for your services?
The cost for our various services varies depending on the service, frequency and size of your home. We will need to review the details of your home which includes type of home (condo, apt, house), size (sq ft), number of bathrooms and additional features. Once we understand your requirements, we can provide a quote for our services. This can be done on the phone or if needed or desired can be done with a visit to your home.
What is the minimum number of visits per month?
We recommend weekly visits but will not perform less than one visit every other week. That would be at minimum two (2) visits per month. A single monthly visit would have too much time between visits and is not recommended for an unoccupied home.
Can I cut back on some inspection items to save money on visit costs?
No, we perform all the necessary tasks for a home inspection. Anything less can overlook small issues that can later become larger and more expensive problems. All the tasks we perform for a home inspection are as recommended by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA).
Why is exterior and interior walk around needed?
Exterior and interior inspections can yield very different findings but together it yields a more accurate picture of the current condition of your home. There are many challenges to an unoccupied home and taking a complete look is the best defense against potential problems.
What is the biggest problem in Florida with unoccupied homes?
One of the biggest challenges to an unoccupied home in Florida is the risk of high humidity that can cause mold. Humidity is the amount of water vapor held in the air. An unoccupied home does not have windows or doors opening and closing and moving the air around. The preferred method in an unoccupied home to move air around and remove water from the air is the home’s air conditioner. If a broken air conditioner goes unchecked for long periods or goes down after a power outage due to storms, the humidity in the house can increase causing mold and substantial damages.
How are repairs handled?
When items are detected during a home visit, they will be listed in the home visit report. We will clearly identify if this is something that can wait or if immediate action is required. Our staff will also reach out to you regarding critical items so we can review the options together. If a repair is required, you can specify who should handle the repairs or we can provide suggestions based on our list of service providers. You determine who should perform the work and pay for the repairs directly to the service provider. We can assist you in working with them, providing access to the home, and overseeing the work. When all work is completed, you will be notified by our staff.
Do you visit my home after storms?
Yes, we can provide PRE and POST storm visits to ensure your home is ready for a storm or to confirm the condition of your home after a storm.
Can I request additional visits?
Yes, additional on demand visits can be scheduled. We understand that there may be something you are interested in following up based on current news or conversation with a neighbor or friend.
Do you provide Storm Shutter service?

Yes, we can assist you putting up the shutters in case of a storm. Currently we are only able to perform this service on one story homes. We can also verify that you have everything you need for the shutters by performing a review and dry-run test. You will need to have a shutter map readily available for this service.

How can I pay for your services?
1. Pay by Check (US Banks only)
Payable to:  Premier Home Watch & Concierge
Mail to :  9040 Town Center Parkway, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
2. ACH bank payments (for US Banks only)
Premier Home Watch will pay the ACH transaction fee.
3. Online with Credit Card Payment (Visa, Discover, MasterCard) for US Cards only
There will be a 3% transaction fee added to the invoice to cover bank fees.
4. Wire Transfer – Mostly used for international payments.
Transaction fees (Incoming International) will be added to invoice.
Contact us for ABA Routing and account information.
Why are your fees slightly higher than other service providers?

We are firm believers in that you get what you pay for. We at Premier Home Watch & Concierge aim to compete on QUALITY not PRICE. We take pride in bringing you professional service which we feel incorporates the best-in-class service in the industry. We are Accredited NHWA members, Certified Home Watch Professionals, and Bonded & Insured. When you get quotes from others that are lower you should consider the experience and their level of commitment. Usually, the lower quotes come from neighbors or part-time home watchers who are not trained, background checked, bonded, or insured.

What does it mean to be accredited from the National Home Watch Association (NHWA)?

Accredited members of the National Home Watch Association must pass strict vetting processes that include:

  • Criminal background checks on all company principals
  • Proper insurance coverage – both general and professional liability
  • Proper bonding
  • Consumer complain checks
  • Truthful website and advertising content
  • Adherence to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics
  • Commitment to the NHWA’s Mission Statement
What are your Digital Home Watch Services?

We take pride in incorporating digital devices into our existing services. These services provide additional peace of mind by including continuous 24 hours/ 7 days a week monitoring of your home so you don’t have to. Our goal is to know the instant an issue occurs in your home and act immediately to minimize damage. The following digital monitoring services are available:

  • House Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Water Detection and Monitoring (Hot water heater, A/C, Kitchen, Bathroom)

When the home is unoccupied, we recommend shutting off the main water valve for the following reasons:

Reduced risk of water damage: This is the primary reason for shutting off the water. In Florida’s humid climate, leaks can go unnoticed for extended periods in an unoccupied home, leading to extensive water damage and mold growth. Freezing temperatures during winter months also pose a risk of burst pipes if the water isn’t shut off.

Lower water bills: With no water usage, you’ll avoid unnecessary charges.

Potential insurance discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts for proactive measures like turning off the water.


Here are some general guidelines from the NHWA to consider:

Winter: In areas with freezing temperatures, consider setting the thermostat between 55-60°F to prevent pipes from freezing. Some experts suggest leaving cabinets under sinks slightly open to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes.

Summer: In warmer climates, maintaining a temperature around 80-82°F can prevent pipes from freezing during unexpected cold spells. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent humidity buildup and potential mold growth.

Vacancy duration: For short absences, maintaining the usual temperature might be acceptable. But for longer vacancies, adjusting the temperature can offer benefits like reduced energy costs and minimizing the risk of water damage.


Relative humidity reflects the percentage of moisture present in the air compared to the maximum it can hold at that temperature. In Florida’s warm and humid climate, even seemingly moderate levels can create problems. 

Potential issues with high humidity:

Mold growth: Mold thrives in damp environments, and excessive humidity can lead to its proliferation, posing health risks and damaging your home.

Wood damage: Warping, swelling, and rot can affect wood structures and furniture.

Dust mite and allergen proliferation: High humidity fosters dust mites and other allergens, worsening allergies, and respiratory problems.

Unpleasant odors: Musty smells can develop due to trapped moisture and potential mold growth.

NHWA recommendations for Florida homes:

Maintain relative humidity between 40% and 55%: This range creates a comfortable environment while minimizing mold growth and other concerns.

Utilize dehumidifiers: During periods of high humidity, consider using dehumidifiers to control moisture levels.

Proper ventilation: Ensure adequate ventilation through open windows or exhaust fans to remove excess moisture.

Regular home checks: A home watch company can monitor humidity levels and alert you of potential issues while the house is unoccupied.


We believe in providing the most accurate and personalized service possible for our home watch clients. That’s why we don’t offer generic quotes without first meeting with you and seeing your property firsthand. While you might find estimated quotes online, they simply can’t account for the unique needs and features of your specific home.

During a free consultation, we can discuss your expectations, preferred services, and any potential concerns. Then, by touring your home together, we can assess its size, layout, security features, and potential maintenance needs. This allows us to create a tailor-made quote that accurately reflects the level of care your home deserves, ensuring you receive the best possible value and peace of mind. We firmly believe this personalized approach is the most professional and responsible way to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Yes, we offer a range of handyman services that do not require special contractor’s license. Perfect for tackling those pesky to-do lists while you’re enjoying some sunshine or visiting your other home.