Our Process

Client Onboarding Guide – A Seamless Journey to Peace of Mind

Premier Home Watch & Concierge has structured its services to simplify our process for our clients. We take pride in providing a personal approach and building a long-term partnership with our clients.

We’re committed to providing peace of mind while you’re away from your cherished property. Here’s a quick overview of our onboarding process to ensure a smooth start:

Home Watch Inspection Report from Premier Home Watch & Concierge

Step 1: Initial Consultation & Quote:

Schedule a free consultation: Speak with one of our friendly representatives to schedule a visit at your home and discuss your specific needs, property details, and desired services.

We will conduct a thorough walk-through, documenting the property’s condition, key locations, and security features. Discuss specific instructions and preferences related to your home and desired services. This helps us create a customized quote tailored to your unique situation.

Receive your personalized quote: Once we understand your requirements, we will provide you with a transparent quote outlining the services, frequency, and estimated costs. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Step 2: Agreement & Scheduling:

Review and sign the agreement: Once you’re comfortable with the quote, we’ll provide a service agreement outlining our responsibilities and your expectations. Review it carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.

Step 3: Key Exchange & Activation:

Secure key exchange: Arrange a visit to your home to exchange your property keys to our team.

Service activation: Your chosen home watch services will begin on the scheduled date.

Step 4: Regular Service & Communication:

Peace of mind through inspections: Our home watch professionals will conduct regular visits based on your chosen frequency.

Detailed reports and updates: After each visit, you’ll receive a detailed report with photos and notes about the property’s condition. Any potential issues or concerns will be communicated promptly.

home watch Issues

  • After a home visit, a Home Watch Inspection Report detailing the visit will be sent to you
  • You will be notified of the report with an email, and you can view the report online
  • If issues are observed during the visit, it may be one of three types:
    • Informational only – no further action is required
    • Further Evaluation – Analysis by a trained professional is required
    • Emergency Situation – requires immediate attention to prevent further damage
  • We will work with you to answer any questions regarding the observed issue
  • If required to remedy the issue, we can work with a service provider of your choice or recommend one from our list of professional services
  • We can let the service provider into your home to perform the work needed
  • If you desire, we can stay on-site with the service provider while the work is being performed

Our Home Watch Inspection Report System

To assist with real-time information exchange and communication we have implemented specialized Home Watch software that will allow you to interact and request services easily. All your Home Watch Inspection Reports, pictures, schedules, and invoices will be available instantly via the online client portal. The client portal can be accessed from our website’s main menu.

Open communication: Our team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime!